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Tech Apparel seems to be the riving trendsetter in Indian Market. Wherever we go, we see people using everything from smartphones to smartwatches. In the global market, smart shoes and smart hoodies have also created significant buzz these days. But the major backset among these are, the battery lifetime and the fact that they don’t have much resistance to impact.

Keeping a futuristic vision in mind fused with the need of having an optimum technology that can be used & worn regularly, without worrying about running out of battery, we decided to develop our Smart shirt.

What is a Smart shirt?

The smart shirt is unique tech apparel that gives the wearer access to some really handy features such as:

• Share your LinkedIn profile

• Share your business card

• Share your live location to three selected contacts in case of an emergency.

• Set your phone modes in meeting/normal 

• Play your favorite song

• Open your favorite app

Usually, to access these features, you need to open up your smartphone & execute them individually. But our Smart tech apparel takes care of it with ease.

Why Smart shirt?

 This tech apparel has an NFC chip built in the cuff which lets any NFC enabled device just to tap and access information or execute an application like playing songs, opening your favorite apps directly, send a customized message while in meeting mode or to share your location to three contacts in case of emergency.

But what about the quality, right?

So what are you waiting for? Ride the trend & get India’s first-ever Smart Shirt from our SHOP section.

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