Smartzwear- Fusion of Fashion & Technology

The first image that pops up in our mind when we hear about wearable tech is Smartwatches or carry-around devices like smartphones. But for the first time ever, keeping the “Made in India” vision in mind, Smartzwear- India's First Tech-Apparel Company has launched its futuristic fashion product, Smart Shirt.

Smart Shirt is an innovative fashion-tech product that lets you access all its features in a contactless manner, which is the need for the current era, where Social-Distancing is a new norm.

Now, when we talk about Smart-Shirt, the first question that comes in our mind is how a shirt can be smart? Will, there be any in-built smart device or any in-built battery support? Will, there be any harmful effect of it over our body?

So, the answer to every above-mentioned question is a big "NO". Unlike other smart wearable products, Smart Shirt doesn't require any battery support and experts of our R&D team has done its successful testing with the utmost care and attention. So, it's completely safe to wear.

Our Smart Shirt has a built-in chip with unique features such as:

  • Share your LinkedIn Profile contactlessly

  • Share your Business Card contactlessly

  • Share your Live-Location to three selected contacts in case of an emergency

  • Set your phone modes in meeting/normal

  • Play your favorite song

  • Open your favorite app

Smartzwear will keep upgrading its features as per the consumer's needs and behavior. If these amazing features sound enticing to you, the top-notch quality of this wearable tech will surely make you go “WOW”. The fabric of our wearable tech is different from others available in the market, in the following way:

  • Smart fabric implemented with Nano Technology

  • Water, Stain & Odor repellent which provides a hygienic experience

  • An Anti-Microbial technology which protects your skin from bacterias and allergies

  • Anti-Sweating Breathable technology which maintains your comfort

We see a great future ahead in the Fashion and Wearable Tech industry as more & more people are showing their inclinations towards Fashion-Tech products like never seen before. Our Smart shirt has higher durability and utility than any other wearable tech currently available out there. Make sure you check them out through our SHOP section.

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